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About Salient

We are a consultancy Human Resource and Marketing firm offering assistance to businesses with major aspects of the Human Resources Management lifecycle and online business marketing strategies. With more than 17 years of experience in the human resource and marketing fields, our services allow businesses to focus on core tasks while entrusting specifically assigned HR and Marketing functions to professionals that can devote the right amount of time and expertise necessary to reach financial and customer-oriented goals.

Human Resource Consultancy

Great Companies start with great Employees

Synergy in the workplace is paramount to your business's success. We can assist you in getting the right team together to make for the most productive environment possible. If you're looking for recruiting, onboarding services, growth strategies, or exit strategies we have you covered.

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Salient 360 Virtual Tours

Proudly share your spaces with our fully immersive and Interactive Virtual Tours!

Depending on the type of Business you're in, your marketing efforts might be best served enticing customers with one of our fully immersive online virtual experiences. This is especially ideal for Hotels, Restaurant, Real Estate, Museums, Art Galleries, among others. Contact us today for a quick consultation so we can help you show off your awesome spaces!

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IT & Workflow Consultancy

Automation applied to inefficient operations will only magnify the inefficiency.

Efficient automation depends on having the right workflow, so understanding your key goals and requirements are integral to our approach. We work with you to assess and improve your current operations, then integrate tailored IT solutions that will cut cost and save you time and hours of headaches.

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Email & Website Hosting Solutions

Productivity depends on your online operations staying functional and protected 24/7

We focus on offering a secure digital presence for small businesses, corporations, government-owned organizations, and many more. We have grown and maintain our commitment to delivering quality services and exceptional support to our Clients.

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We streamline your workflow so you can focus on delivering your products and services

The Salient Experience


Every project begins with a project brief. This is where we understand your business, products, services, clientele, and the requirements and goals of your campaign. We nail down the specifics; developing the scope of our collaboration, then we report on updates and listen for feedback; iterating until our solutions are refined and ready for deployment. If you're unsure of what exactly you might need or perhaps you just have a sense that things could be better, no problem. We provide full business assessments and diagnostics services to recommend areas for optimization.

Research and Development

After the initial briefing and depending on the specific campaign, we'll assemble and parse through relevant data and begin to develop a strategy based on our research. For our HR services this might be meeting and interviewing staff; for a marketing campaign this might be conducting market research for trends; for automation this might include developing software and purchasing equipment. No matter the campaign, there is extensive research involved when considering our implementations. Once our research is finalized we get busy to work developing your tailored business solution.


Implementation is where we execute our solution and your business see the results first hand. When observing your team's motivation and productivity increase, seeing your product on tv, launching your website online and seeing it atop the search engines, taking orders from clients on your newly launched mobile app, or using any of our other services you'll know you made the right choice collaborating with us. You'll definitely notice this most when you see your financial and productivity gains.

We promise they will be most Salient!

Career Opportunities

As part of our Human Resource Services we provide an online platform for potential talents to submit their resumes and/or directly apply online. Below are a list of some of the available positions on offer on our platform.

Sales Assistant
On Location
Delivery Scheduler
On Location
Operations Supervisor
On Location
Selection Coordinator
On Location
On Location

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