Belize Tourism Industry Association


  • Website Re-Design
  • Web Hosting & Maintenance
  • Member Directory Management System
  • Database Driven Application Form
  • Photography

About the Project

The Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) is the largest private sector tourism organization in Belize, focused on marketing and promoting its nationwide membership of hotels, tour operators, restaurants, tour guides, and related businesses. In response to the pandemic’s impact on the tourism industry and the resulting loss of membership, the BTIA reevaluated its marketing strategies and developed a post pandemic action plan which included a complete redesign of their old website with a focus on building an online marketing platform as an additional benefit for their membership.

Project Objectives:

  • Significantly improve overall aesthetic and user experience and to make the site more engaging.
  • Improve site architecture and navigation to enable easier browsing and a more frictionless experience.
  • Implement a more search-friendly and visually appealing membership directory to be used as new platform from which members can promote their tourism product.
  • Develop a more seamless online application process for new members to join the Organization.
  • Integrate ad spaces into the design with tracking analytics to be used as a new revenue stream for the organization.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS for easier content management.

Phase 1 – Prototyping

Because this project was a redesign of an existing website, much of the layout had already been established. (Screenshots of the old website are provided). Whereas the previous website was more information heavy and structured to direct users to the news section of the website, we decided to reorganize the menu and layout of the homepage to establish an hierarchy that more prominently establishes the membership as the primary focus with other forms of information playing a supplementary role. We researched other membership directories across a plethora of world renowned tourism sites and decided on a multilayer functional approach to searching the membership catalog. Tourists generally know where they will be visiting and what activities they’d like to partake in. With this in mind, we decided to funnel users into either of two broad searching experiences. The first would be to search by location with the option for further refinement by interest, and second option would be to search by interest with the option to further refine results by location. Our beta testing demonstrated that this approach provides a seamless and streamlined experience, without complex filtering and search parameters commonly found in other directories.

Phase 2 – Design & Visual Elements

After finalizing the membership directory components, our attention turned to the overall layout and design of the member page. Our design prioritized showcasing BTIA member products, beginning with a prominent full-page hero image and an extensive gallery. We also provided customizable tabs which will allow members to share product descriptions, tour schedules, maps, and other information. We opted for a clean and photography-focused aesthetic, which served as the basis for the rest of the website’s pages. Each page featured a prominent hero image, showcasing either the beautiful landscapes of Belize or BTIA’s work at one of their many events.”

Phase 3 – Refine & Launch

After several rounds of review by the BTIA executive board, the website was approved for launch. We provided training to BTIA staff on the use of the WordPress Content Management System, enabling them to continue refining the membership directory. With the ability for members to submit their information and photos, the website became increasingly information-dense and visually rich. The final website now boasts a significantly improved visual aesthetic, a smoother user experience, an improved application process, ad spaces throughout, and most importantly, and a greater appeal to both members and non-members. Since its launch the website has seen a significant increase in traffic, with weekly visits tripling, and many new members joining the association. The online application system has proven particularly popular, and many members have begun collaborating with BTIA developing their individual pages.