Belize Pantheon Fantastic


  • User Experience Design
  • Custom WordPress
  • Event Management System
  • Artwork Gallery and Archiving System
  • 360 Virtual Tour

About the Project

The Belize Pantheon Fantastic is a not-for-profit foundation developed by Harold A. Young with the goal of propelling all art forms in Belize to the highest levels while also expanding the current mythical landscape of Belize. Each year the foundation host events targeting various art forms and disciplines to stimulate artists to produce works aimed at expanding Belizean folklore. As a result, BPF required an online platform from which artists’ works can be showcased and events can be promoted and managed.

Project Objectives:

  • Develop a platform from which events can be created, managed, artists can submit entries, and information broadcasted.
  • Archive each year’s events and the artworks produced by artists.
  • Develop a portal where visitors can browse all artworks submitted to the foundation by art form and discipline.
  • Feature the 360 virtual tour we had built the year earlier for the foundation which allowed users to virtually walkthrough an exhibition hall and navigate the artworks produced during the pantheon’s Inaugural event.
  • Develop a resource center where artists can access useful information and connect with instructors in webinars to develop their skills.
  • Highlight event sponsors.
  • Implement a fully responsive solution backed by WordPress CMS.
  • Design an attractive yet easy to navigate platform for easy content discovery.

Phase 1 – Prototyping

This project was developed from the ground up – meaning there were no previously existing websites or platforms from which to gain insight or borrow inspiration. We were tasked with developing and laying out the website using only the list of requirements outlined above and our expertise in design and communications. With this we presented the following prototype to the client. In it we highlighted a simplistic menu targeting the main functionalities of the foundation. The artwork front and center, events, artists resources, and a donation portal. This is reflected in the layout of the homepage as well.

Phase 2 – Design & Visual Elements

We recognized that the logo of the foundation was inspired using the primary colors of red, green, and blue, so we took that idea and stylized the site around that motif. We also made sure to integrate an earth tone palette since the foundation’s origin is based in a story written by it’s founder, “The Legend of the Sleeping Giant”.  The folklore revolves around the natural landscape of Belize, and so it was important to the reflect nature in the overall website’s design. It was also important that we did this without compromising a more modern look that could also reflect the arts in a more general sense.

Phase 3 – Refine & Launch

After completing the design and discussing with our client we went through a refinement process making final touches and changes where necessary. The result was a modern, artsy, and youthful yet somewhat bohemian website that paid homage to the origin story of the foundation. The website’s content management system was configured to make event management and information dissemination easy, including newsletter lead generation management, art and media submission entry management, art and resources cataloguing systems, donation portal integration, and google analytics. This in combination with the overall layout makes for the ideal platform from which the organization can interface with users and artists alike.